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50 Reasons Why You Need A Website

 There are still people wondering whether their business really needs a website. Then there’s people that don’t have a business (like a non-profit organization) wondering if they too need a website. I could easily come up with 50 reasons why you need a website regardless of your industry:


1. Promote Your Products


2. Promote Your Services


3. Promote Your Organization


4. Promote Yourself

5. Promote Your Ideas


6. Promote Your Events


7. Sell Your Events


8. Sell Your Organization


9. Sell Your Services


10. Sell Your Products

11. Save Costs


12. Build A Community

13. Share Pictures, Sound And Other Files

14. Offer Service 365/24/7


15. Answer Frequently Asked Questions


16. Improve Branding


17. Reach A Local Market


18. Reach A Regional Market


19. Reach A National Market


20. Reach A Global Market


21. Reach An International Market


22. Reach A Specialized Market


23. Test New Products And Services


24. Solicit Feedback From Customers


25. Start A Movement


26. Spread Ideas


27. Educate


28. Update Information Quickly


29. A Sales Tool Outside The Office


30. Integrate Supply Chains


31. Reward Clients


32. Run Contests


33. Communicate With Your Target Audiences In Their Own Language


34. Inquiry Marketing: Be Found – Period!


35. Improve Communication


36. Change Communication From One-To-One Into One-To-Many


37. Share Basic Business Information


38. PR Tool


39. Expand Your Product OR Service Offerings – Exclusively Online


40. Communicate With Audiences Worldwide


41. Cross-Sell


42. Increase Customer Loyalty By Giving Them More Control


43. F U N


44. Family Sites


45. Make Life Easier


46. Find Employees


47. Pre-Ordering


48. Build An Appetite


49. Email Address Forever


50. (50 Already?) Play With The Big Guys

O.k. then; I will throw in a bonus:

10% Additional reasons!


51. Check You Out Anonymously


52. Facilitate Knowledge Building


53. Enhance Marketing Effectiveness


54. People Expect It


55. Competition Forces You To(o)


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